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BGA Band Room

THE band room

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Welcome to the BGA Band Room!

This journal is specifically intended for current and former band geeks at Bishop George Ahr HS. Not necessarily just band members, but chorus and flag squad members as well. Post complaints, raves, updates, memories, and anything else pertaining to the BGA music department.

Da Rules:
1. Post things pertaining to the BGA music department
2. I won't say "don't badmouth other band members" cause you can't like everyone, just use some common sense and don't post anything completely rude, disgusting, graphic, threatening
3. Be curteous to one another, we're all geeks here, remember that ~.^
4. Don't place any food, books, or other articles on the instruments.....wait...no, that's the real band room ^.^!
5. Please use some semblance of American English, no one wants to decode l33t ~.^
6. Have fun and don't take things too seriously!!

Now, let us all come together in our BGA band geekiness...Go Trojans!!!